Best Picture Oscar 2013

It’s good to see that we still need books, if only to provide the stories for the film industry.  You may have already caught up with the news that Argo won the Best Picture Oscar this year – a film that is based on the book of the same name.  I haven’t read the book yet, (it has just been elevated on my “to be read” pile), but I think it will be an easier read than my favourite film in the list Les Miserables (a bit of a brick at 1200 pages).

The film I have been wanting to see but haven’t is Silver Linings Playbook, another film based on a book, and don’t forget Life of Pi.  All in all, four out the nine nominees for Best Picture were originally novels.  My favourite book to film conversion  is a book called Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavalda.  Both the book and the film are beautiful and worth reading/watching and unlike so many others, the film didn’t make me think that the book was better.  What is yours?