So You’re Going to Be a Dad: 25th Anniversary Edition


Trade Paperback

Author: Peter Downey

Published: 8 Jul 2020

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Dr Peter Downey knows babies and fatherhood, and his bestselling book – now in this 25th anniversary edition – helps first time dads prepare for what’s coming their way … with a grain of salt and a smile on their face. Fully revised and updated, and packed with useful information and wry humour, he explores the joys and trials of new parenting, including:

  • Navigating pregnancy and childbirth
  • Dealing with nappies, travel cots and sleep deprivation
  •  Avoiding topics that will ruin a dinner party
  • Living with a baby in your home
  • Getting the gear you need (and skipping the stuff you don’t)
  • Surviving the latest apps, tech and the online parenting world
  • Coping with sex (or the lack thereof)
  • And most importantly, how to be the best damned dad you can be.

New to this edition is a foreword by Mark Scott, an updated glossary of handy words new dads need to know (and some they don’t), a new and improved list of films to watch (and those to avoid), as well as updated ‘then’ and ‘now’ words of wisdom from other ordinary Aussie fathers. So You’re Going To Be a Dad remains Australia’s most engaging, reassuring and down-to-earth book for new dads.


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