When the Ship Hits the Fan


Rob Anderson

Published: 28 Jul 2020

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Rob Anderson was a magnet for trouble long before he went to sea at 15. But when he became Captain Rob Anderson, one of the youngest Australian masters ever, it was suddenly his responsibility to keep everything afloat – no easy feat when the seas were unregulated, full of madmen, and more like the Wild West than anything on land. Whether stashing a headless body in a cargo freezer, losing another body before a sea burial, accidentally sabotaging a pub race and causing a riot in Broome, nearly losing his scrotum in a Japanese spa, or catapulting a mate off the roof of his truck while racing from the dock for last orders, it was all part of the job for Captain Rob. Visceral, charming and definitely not for the faint of heart, When the Ship Hits the Fan is a treasure trove of hilarious incidents, accidents and seafaring shenanigans from working on every type of ship in every ocean of the world.


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