Looking for a New Book Club to Join?

We currently have two bookclubs that meet at the store – one on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and one on the last Tuesday of the month. Please email the store at info@ulyssesbookstore.com.au to find out if there are any places available in our book clubs.

How They Work:

  • Each book club has up to 12 members and we all read the same book which is chosen by the store’s book club facilitator. We tend to read mostly recent fiction titles although I sometimes slot in a popular biography during the year.
  • Members meet once a month at our Hampton Street store to discuss the book and the store provides a glass of wine, tea or coffee, and a cheese platter. The current book clubs meet on the 2nd and last Tuesday of the month, but this may change. A Ulysses Bookstore staff member facilitates the meeting.  The book club meets at 7:00 pm and the evening finishes at approximately 8:30 pm.

Costs & Membership Details

  • The year is divided into two blocks of five sessions running February – June, and then July – November each year. The cost is $105.00 for each block of  5 sessions. If you join after the block has started we will prorata the cost for the number of sessions left in the block.  The book club book for the month can be purchased by book club members at a discount of 15%. At the end of each block of meetings you may elect to continue or to withdraw from the book club.
  • Current members will get first preference to book for the next block of meetings. 
  • Please note that book club memberships are not refundable or able to be exchanged. If you decide not to continue attending, you are welcome to continue to purchase the book club book of the month for the members’ discount of 15%.

What Our Book Club Has Been Reading

2023 Titles

July 2023

June 2023

May 2023

April 2022

March 2023

February 2023

2022 Titles

November 2022

October 2022

September 2022

August 2022

July 2022

June 2022

May 2022

Lincoln Highway

April 2022

March 2022

February 2022

2021 Titles

November 2021

Midnight Library Cover

October 2021

Emotional Female

September 2021

August 2021

Still Life

July 2021

Our fourth Tuesday of the Month book club has a few spots available.  For more information please email us: info@ulyssesbookstore.com.au